Epson Lx 310 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson Lx 310 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson L130 Single Function Inkjet Printer

Epson L130 Single Function Inkjet Printer

Epson M100 Single Function Inkjet Printer

Epson M100 Single Function Inkjet Printer

Epson Lx 310 Dot Matrix Printer

  • Fast print speed of up to 357 Characters Per Second (12 Characters Per Inch)
  • Achieve optimum efficiency with 5 part forms printout (1 Original plus 4 Copies)
  • Flexible connectivity with built-in USB, Serial and Parallel interface options
  • Uses approx 1.1 watt in sleep mode
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Epson Lx 310

Product Description

Epson LX-310 Dotmatrix Printer

A complete printing solution for home and office

A high quality printing solution that will suffice both your office and home needs is what you will get with this Epson LX-310 printer. This Dotmatrix Printer is the ideal choice for you as it enables you to print documents with faster speed and enhanced quality. This printer has superior memory and is equipped with features that keep the print quality intact and produce accurate results. This printer comes with a compact design and a sturdy structure that saves space. With the effective connectivity features and simple installation process, using this printer becomes hassle-free and convenient. Plus, the Multiple Carbon Copies and sleep mode feature is useful as well.

Compact and Reliable Printing Device

This Epson printer is armed with enhanced features that provide accurate and reliable results. The reliability rating of this model is higher by 67percent when compared with the traditional device. It has effective mean time before failure (M TBF) of 10,000 hours on power which assures the higher durability of the device. This printer is made from high quality material which is capable of withstanding robust use. It features a narrow carriage that reduces the size considerably and also boosts the print quality. The simple set up process makes it easy to install and connect with other devices. This effective installation process helps in printing on the go.

Faster printing without compromising the quality

The cutting edge printing technology and superior features of this Epson printer offer faster printing. This printer has an enhanced buffer memory that enables you to print up to 357 characters per second with CPI of 12. Thus, high volume printing is done in quick time thanks to the 128 KB input data memory. This Epson printer is also capable of creating multiple carbon copies. This appliance can create four copies along with the one original copy, so that you have more options to choose from.

Simple connectivity and energy saving sleep mode

This Epson printer comes with a wide range of connectivity options that let you establish connection with the desired devices quickly and effectively. It comes with a USB feature that offers universal connectivity to devices like computers and laptops. It is also armed with the sleep mode feature that helps in saving energy. When the device is not in use for long time, it goes into sleep mode, thus preventing any undue power consumption.

From the Manufacturer


Building on its reputation as the world’s top dot matrix printer maker, Epson has introduced the Epson LX-310 as the next-generation narrow carriage, 9-pin model that replaces the legendary LX-300, featuring vastly improved speed and reliability.

Extreme Speed

The Epson LX-310 features a 128KB input data buffer memory that is double that of its predecessor. This enables it to achieve high printing speeds of up to 357 characters per second at 12 CPI.

Improving on Legendary Reliability

The Epson LX-310 also has an improved reliability rating that is an astonishing 67% higher than its predecessor that was already renowned for its dependability. The LX-310 is rated for a mean time before failure (MTBF) of 10,000 POH (power on hours) compared to the older model’s 6,000 POH.

High Impact for Multiple Carbon Copies

Achieve optimum efficiency with the LX-310’s ability to create up to a 5-part form printout (1 original + 4 copies).

Flexible Connectivity

With built-in USB, Serial and Parallel Interface options, the LX-310 is able to connect to just about any output device you need it for.

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